Ugly Worldwide Is The Night Prowler

Top and Shorts by Miu Miu. Earrings (top) Jazzelle’s Own. Earrings (bottom) by Bottega Veneta. Gloves by Gucci. Tights Stylist’s Own.

Photographer Pierre-Ange Carlotti and Interview‘s  Creative Director Mel Ottenberg throw a party for one, starring the model Jazzelle, who goes by @uglyworldwide on her extremely popular Instagram account.


Pants, Hat, Scarf (worn on head), and Choker by Gucci.


Dress by Alexander McQueen. Earrings by PatriciaVon Musulin.

Dress and Thong by Givenchy.


Dress by Botega Venetta.


Top and Skirt by Salvatore Ferragamo. Shoes by Manolo Blahnik from Albright Fashion Library.


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Model: Jazzelle at The Society

Hair: Lucas Wilson using Redken at Home Agency

Makeup: Dick Page at Statement Artists

Set Design: Ian Salter at Frank Reps

Production: Lolly Would

Producer: Chloe Mina

Manicure: Ayumu Takasawa

Fashion Assistant: Gregory Miller

Set Design Assistant:  Russell Mangicaro

Production Assistant: William Gavilondo