Tommy Dorfman and Angus Cloud Get Spicy at the Coach Show

All photos courtesy of Tommy Dorfman.

We caught up Tommy Dorfman after the Fall/Winter 2022 Coach runway show to talk about Cheetos, Scooby-Doo, and being too shy to talk to Megan Thee Stallion.


INTERVIEW: Okay, tell me what you’re wearing?

TOMMY DORFMAN: I’m wearing Coach bitch. This dress is giving Sarah Michelle Gellar Scooby-Doo teas. The shoes are by Stuart Weitzman.

INTERVIEW: And the bunny?

DORFMAN: Bunny stolen from props, art direction by me.

INTERVIEW: What was the collection giving?

DORFMAN: The collection was giving wearable streetwear. That series of pleated floral dresses—it was add to cart for me.

INTERVIEW: What was your favorite look?

DORFMAN: That orange floral pleated situation was everything. I loved the rain boots.

INTERVIEW: What did you think of the beauty look?

DORFMAN: Honestly, I blackout during the shows. Not in a drunk way. The hats were super cute. At one point Angus Cloud was sharing Cheetos with me. 

INTERVIEW: What kind of Cheetos?

DORFMAN: Spicy fire hot chili Cheetos. But the glam was everything. The jewelry has really been elevated. I love. 

INTERVIEW: Did you see any of your crushes in the front row?

DORFMAN: My girlfriend will kill me, but Angus Cloud forever. FOREVER.

INTERVIEW: How many hours of sleep did you get last night?

DORFMAN: I was in bed at 11:15 p.m. watching Too Hot to Handle. It’s a Netflix show where they put a bunch of sex addicts in a house to find love. I was out by midnight. I woke up at 9 a.m. so I might have slept for nine hours.

INTERVIEW: What is the best time to show up to an after party?

DORFMAN: Never. 

INTERVIEW: What’s your fashion week diet?

DORFMAN: Anything I fucking want. I had a burger last night at The Bowery Hotel where I’m staying.

INTERVIEW: Fries or no fries?

DORFMAN: Fries and cheese. She’s fully loaded.

INTERVIEW: Who are you trying to network with?

DORFMAN: You, Interview magazine. I wish I could have talked to Megan Thee Stallion because I’m obsessed with her. I’m way too shy. It was Meg, Angus, Rina [Sawayama], and me in the front row.

INTERVIEW: Did you make eye contact with anyone during the show?

DORFMAN: Lindsay Peoples Wagner from The Cut.

INTERVIEW: What snacks do you have in your bag?

DORFMAN: Cigarettes.