Symone and Gigi Goode Review Maison Margiela’s Artisanal 2022 Show

Symone and Gigi Goode

Forget the tired divide between IRL catwalks and virtual runways. For Maison Margiela’s Artisanal 2022 show, staged at the Palais de Chaillot in collaboration with the British theater company Imitating the Dog, Creative Director John Galliano combined the beauty of cinema, the camp of theater, and the dynamism of haute couture to create an extravaganza unlike any other. And who better to give us the scoop on Cinema Inferno, a southern gothic tale filled with trauma, joy, and lust, than superstars Symone and Gigi Goode, who happen to be experts on the theatrics of high fashion. Below, the duo sound off on their favorite looks from the show, and tell us how they survive the chaos of Paris fashion week


INTERVIEW: Where are you?

SYMONE: Paris, France! the troisième arrondissement, baby!

GIGI GOODE: We’re in a car and I’m doing Symone’s hair, rushing to get to the 2022 Artisanal Margiela show!

INTERVIEW: What did you have for breakfast?

SYMONE:  I had a croissant au chocolat. Something to make the corset really work.

GIGI GOODE: Breakfast?! During Couture week?!?! Give me a Red Bull and a green juice and let’s hit the ROAD.

Symone and Gigi Goode

INTERVIEW: What are you wearing?

SYMONE: My hood Margiela look was perfect for the occasion.

GOODE: I am wearing a lovely little ensemble of Margiela pieces Frankensteined together to create the perfect Gossip Girl fantasy. We’re the popular girls getting in trouble for going against the dress code. Can’t go wrong with a blazer over the shoulders, a micro-miniskirt, and a couple of scarves tied up to cover my girls.

INTERVIEW: Hot. What’s in your pockets?

SYMONE: Cash money, honey.

GOODE: A tiny little bag full of tiny little hair elastics to help me twist up Symone’s hair in the car! Oh, and lip gloss. Always.

Symone and Gigi Goode

INTERVIEW: What’s in your system?

SYMONE: Red Bull with a shot of tequila.

GOODE: All that’s left in my system is wine at this point. Annnnnd the occasional shot of tequila from Symone’s flask.

INTERVIEW: What was the Maison Margiela show giving today? What was your favorite look?

SYMONE: The show was giving story production with country accents. I loved the looks with the witch hats and pumpkin heads. Perfect for the family cookout.

GOODE: It was beyond anything I’d imagined. It was giving DETAILS. I grew up on theater so this spoke to my childhood self so loudly. I’d have to say my favorite looks were the green nurses, so, so, so insanely adorable and chic. With the red gloves?!?! It’s going to be my new jet-setting travel look!