On High Alert: Shigenobu Twilight

Photos by Anicka Yi.


February, you may be surprised to learn, is a big month for the Japanese Red Army. It’s in this month in 1971 that Fusako Shigenobu formed the dissident leftist group; it’s also the month that she, the founder, in 2006 was arrested. So it’s the perfect time to celebrate the fragrance Shigenobu Twilight, created by artist Anicka Yi and architect Maggie Peng and released last month with an installation on New York’s Lower East Side (pictured above). The fragrance is designed with Shigenobu’s native yuzu root and shiso leaf in mind. It comes in geometric package of cedar, but given that it’s inspired by “the most feared female terrorist in the world,” you might want to get an extra travel case for the plane.

Shigenobu Twilight is available from Ooga Booga in Los Angeles.