Nicole Ari-Parker Wants to Dress Her Man in Michael Kors

Nicole Ari-Parker

Nicole Ari-Parker at the SS24 Michael Kors presentation.

MONDAY SEP. 11, 2023 10:34 AM NEW YORK.

On Monday morning, the tireless Michael Kors lured A-listers and fashion royalty to the Brooklyn side of the East River for his Spring/Summer 2024 presentation at Domino Park. Williamsburg, of course, isn’t exactly the French Riviera, but the looks on display— soft lace under big blazers, creamy knits, and scallop hem button-downs—would be right at home on a European vacation next spring. After the show, our editor-in-chief tracked down Nicole Ari-Parker, the breakout star of And Just Like That…, for a lesson in wearing sheer, pairing socks with sandals, and method-acting away the New York humidity.



NICOLE ARI-PARKER: Hi, honey. How are you?

OTTENBERG: You look fantastic.

ARI-PARKER: Thank you.

OTTENBERG: Nice to meet you. It’s 74 degrees, but it feels like 1,000 .

ARI-PARKER: I’m an actress, so I can make the sweat disappear for the length of the show.

OTTENBERG: I mean, that’s just a miracle.

ARI-PARKER: I’m a method actress. So I told myself it was December and the show must go on.

Nicole Ari-Parker

Nicole Ari-Parker and Halle Berry.

OTTENBERG: You’ve really got it pulled together. What did you think of the show today?

ARI-PARKER: Spectacular. Everything is so luxe, so delicious. Yet, you could totally step into it and just feel fantastic.

OTTENBERG: Anything in particular that bounced out for you?

ARI-PARKER: Well, what I’m wearing bounces out for right now.

OTTENBERG: Oh, yeah. You look incredible in this white look.

ARI-PARKER: Thank you. But I really loved the sheer stuff. It was just so sexy, yet modest at the same time. It was really lovely.

OTTENBERG: You mean the totally sheer with the big jacket over it?


Look 52 at Michael Kors Spring/Summer 2024.

OTTENBERG: That’s hot. There’s also a few models that just wore the panty shorts underneath. He makes a killer blazer.

OTTENBERG: A killer blazer.

ARI-PARKER: You can’t compete with a Michael Kors blazer. He knows how to nail that tailored look. I was eyeing a few pieces for my man, Boris. I saw some man clothes there. A nice man bag, even. I gagged. I love sandals, too. I would even wear a sock with those sandals.

OTTENBERG: I like a sock with that sandal. Do you have any secrets about wearing nude or a lot of sheers on the red carpet?

ARI-PARKER: I like a peekaboo sheer, much like the way he styled some of it, with blazers over top. I always mix and match my flowys. If I’m wearing a flowy long gold skirt, I would pair it with an oversized navy sweater or a Michael Kors black blazer. Those are my roles, mix and match. Big, giant fur coat with a good solid boot and a medallion necklace.

Look 43 at Michael Kors Spring/Summer 2024.

OTTENBERG: Any good memories of a hot night in a Michael Kors look?

ARI-PARKER: I think earlier in my career when I was a starving actress, I had saved my money and got some Michael Kors sunglasses. You couldn’t tell me anything for two years. I wore them until the handles fell off.


ARI-PARKER: I mean, he really makes a woman at any age feel great.

OTTENBERG: Well, you look super great today. You’ve been here a while, right?

ARI-PARKER: Yeah, I went to NYU and then I stayed in New York. I lived here for 13 years. Then I moved to LA around the year 2000. I met my husband and we stayed out there for a while. But my kids and my family, they all know,.”We know, Mommy,” in a very remote voice. “We know you really want to live in New York and do theater because that’s where the real art is.” It doesn’t matter that you can’t make a living these days doing theater, but it’s about your soul being taken care of.” So here we are in 2023 and I’m in rehearsals for The Refuge Plays at the Laura Pels theater opening October 4th, three days before my birthday. So you have to be there.

Nicole Ari-Parker

Nicole Ari-Parker and Michael Kors.

OTTENBERG: I will be there. We’re glad to have you back.

ARI-PARKER: It’s fantastic. Patricia McGregor directing, she’s the new artistic director of New York Theater Workshop. Killer. So I’m now in the groove of what I love to do.

OTTENBERG: I’m so happy for you.

ARI-PARKER: A little fashion, some theater. My family. It’s all good. New York City.

OTTENBERG: Well, thank you for talking to me. Have a wonderful day.

ARI-PARKER: You too, baby.

Look 23 at Michael Kors Spring/Summer 2024.