Most Wanted: Jil Sander F/W PVC Dress

In his last ever collection for Jil Sander, Raf Simons gave the classic black, strapless dress a playful fetish twist. Made from PVC and cinched at the waist, this FW 2012 dress is half lady, half naughty nurse, and should be quite water resistant. We’d pair it with a bright yellow Macintosh and a pair of Wellington boots for some bumblebee, splashing-in-the-rain fun; or with a fur-trimmed, hooded cape for avant-garde at the Opera.  We’re excited to see what Simons will do with his new position as creative director of Dior, but it’s hard not to shed a few tears about his departure from Jil Sander. At least there’s one collection left for our Most Wanted.

This Most Wanted item was selected by Interview assistant market editor Stephanie Strauss.

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