Most Wanted: Pylones Babushka Dolls

We direct those already planning stocking stuffers to Pylones’ delightful take on the Russian nesting doll, now available at The Lake and Stars’ kitschy-chic BOFFO pop-up. Be forewarned, however: this is not your babushka’s matryoshka. Pylones’ painted lady not only gets progressively smaller as one un-nests, she also gets…well, slowly undressed—and, true Russian down to the teeniest buff, this coy zhenshchina doesn’t drop her cigarette ’til the very last. Bright, irreverent, and playful, this strip-tease set is a perfect parlor room tchotchke for those tall enough to ride. Priced at $30 at The Lake and Stars BOFFO pop-up (through Nov. 23) and online at Pylones.


This Most Wanted item was selected by Interview market assistant Alexa Lanza.