Milan Diary: Models, Facelifts

I arrived to Milan for men’s Fashion Week this morning ahead of schedule and hitched a ride with Team Wilhelmina (thanks Laurie and Greg) and male supermodel Tyson Ballou. Tyson is in town to walk in the Dolce & Gabbana and D&G runway shows, but also to promote the new set of five new D&G fragrances that come out this fall. The frangrances are part of the D&G Anthology and feature an ad for each distinctive frangrance. Tyson embodies the fragrance L’Bateleure, one of two that are geared to men.

Coincidentally, Tyson and I were both staying at the Principe di Savoia, which has gotten one of those facelifts that pushes you fabulously beyond recognition, complete with a new creamy yellow color and a curved, dark gold paneled entrance. They moved the concierge desk next to what used to be the open side of the infamous bar. The renovation works on two levels: one, they’ve closed off the bar so that it’s closed off, and in the process have soundproofed the room. The  non-fashion guests are prombably quite happy for this. Second (but related), now you can sneak into the elevators without passing by and having people see you—or vice versa, hence being sucked into “just one more drink” when you ought to, and really just want to, get to bed. We will see if this either of this hold true. Now of to Gold Restaurant to have dinner with the Dolce crew and Jesus Luz.