Michael Kors Collection Fall 23 Is Giving Cashmere, Klute, and Kate Moss at Coachella

Michael Kors Collection Fall 23

WEDNESDAY 6:24 PM FEB.15, 2023

After spending the afternoon handing out copies of our March issue to thirsty Lana Del Rey stans in Washington Square Park, our senior editor Taylore Scarabelli made a quick stopover at Mel Ottenberg’s apartment to eat crackers and hear all about the view from the front row at the Michael Kors Collection Fall 23 ready-to-wear show.


TAYLORE SCARABELLI: Every year I really want to go see Michael Kors collection and every year I don’t get a ticket. So Mel, you need to tell me what it was like in person. I’m pulling up Vogue runway right now.


SCARABELLI: First of all  it seems like a lot of people are giving eleganza this season. The looks are elevated and more mature. And this collection is giving chic, chic, chic. It’s  reminding me of when Michael was at Celine, which we love. Really sexy looks, with a bit of an early aughts vibe.

OTTENBERG: Michael knows exactly who he is and everyone in the audience knows exactly who he is. I think what he’s giving are all the codes of Michael Kors. He does that every season, but this is less of a campy Kors vibe and more of a cashmere luxury meets Stevie Nicks boho ’70s vibe. It’s very Y2K Michael Kors.

Michael Kors Collection Fall 23

SCARABELLI: I’m actually dying at this maxi skirt with the bra and matching coat

OTTENBERG: It’s even got a mini train. There’s a really nice puddle to it. I love that.

SCARABELLI: It’s gorgeous.

OTTENBERG: The bell bottoms are great. They’re really well cut pants. The tailoring is sharp, sharp, sharp. 

SCARABELLI: Can we talk about these crazy belts? They remind me of that vintage Michael Kors belt I tried to steal out of your archive the other day.

OTTENBERG: The belts are really good. I like the fringe of that dress. Can you imagine if I actually dressed like that? I could never pull any of this stuff off, but I think it’s a beautiful coat.

Michael Kors Collection Fall 23

SCARABELLI: I feel like this is for me. I think I could do it.

OTTENBERG: That’s also a good dress.

SCARABELLI: The fringe. It’s giving Kate Moss at Coachella.

OTTENBERG: You’re right. 

SCARABELLI: And this look is giving me Basic Instinct.

Michael Kors Collection Fall 23

OTTENBERG: That’s Catherine Tramell down. Oh wait, I really like this bell bottom jumpsuit.

SCARABELLI: I love something that’s warm and cozy and sexy at the same time. 

OTTENBERG: The whole camel moment. Michael Kors really likes a look. 


OTTENBERG: I mean, come on, you’d look great in that outfit. 

SCARABELLI: And this leopard—

OTTENBERG: The leopard print trench.

SCARABELLI: And the matching boot, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Okay, we’re getting into the evening wear.

OTTENBERG: I like the car wash fringy bits.

SCARABELLI: Oh my god, the car wash. These sleeves are giving me Halston.

OTTENBERG: Listen, you know what is great about this? It’s a cool outfit, and it’s also an outfit for a 75-year-old woman, meaning that it’s an outfit for a stunning woman to wear. 

SCARABELLI: Michael knows that his audience spans generations. Ok this green fur. A green fur screams money to me.

OTTENBERG: Green fur—do you want a cracker?


Michael Kors Collection Fall 23

OTTENBERG: Do you know what? The embroidered sequins are giving Klute. It’s a lot more of a complicated design than meets the eye And it’s definitely boho. I really like that look on Felice Nova, the one right below it. I think that’s a really, really good dress. I love American design. I love a simple neckline like that. I don’t need a whole bunch of shit. 

SCARABELLI: Okay, the last look. This magic cloak, is beautiful. It’s shimmering. You want to show up to the nightclub in that, whip it off, twirl around in your bell bottom flares, and make an entrance. 

OTTENBERG: Thank you, Michael Kors.