Maye Musk Is Ready to Serve Major Face on Mars, Courtesy of Dior

Maye Musk

The Dior SS23 runway show brought the Victorian era back to Paris’ Jardin des Tuileries. The historic promenade was cast in mist as leather-clad dancers leapt between old growth branches and gilded archways. Models paraded down the runway in jackets constructed from light-as-air lace, while billowy gowns with unexpected cutouts, as well as botanic separates, proved that florals for spring can be groundbreaking. After the show, on a mossy island in the center of it all, the legendary model Maye Musk, who also happens to be the mother of the richest man in the world, caught up with our editor-in-chief Mel Ottenberg for a lesson on Lolita fashion and serving major face in space.—CAITLIN LENT


MEL OTTENBERG: Hey Maye, how are you?

MAYE MUSK: It’s a good evening. How are you?

OTTENBERG: I like running into you all the time. I ran into you at the Daily Front Row Awards. I was the editor of the year, you were the breakthrough model. 

MUSK: Yeah.

OTTENBERG: Together we’ll rule 2022. 

MUSK: It’s for sure. 

OTTENBERG: Wow, you look really amazing, what are you wearing? 

MUSK: Thank you, I’m wearing Dior, of course! It’s a padded jacket that is perfect for this weather, but it’s also a sexy one. 

OTTENBERG: Yeah, it is sexy and sensible for today. 

MUSK: And then some really cool boots. You couldn’t get cooler boots than that. 

OTTENBERG: Yes, yes, yes. 

MUSK: Also sensible! 

OTTENBERG: You look super glam, I’m really into it. 

MUSK: It’s really Dior Beauty. I’m one of the friends of the brand, they do my skincare and my makeup. And I love makeup on my face. 

OTTENBERG: I feel like you can rock a natural look, but you can also do a major face. 

MUSK: Well, I love to rock a major face. 

OTTENBERG: The real you is rocking the fierce face. 

MUSK: That’s what I keep telling people! They all say, “You’re lovely natural.” No, no. You have no idea. 

OTTENBERG: Let’s go on the record and say I’m also bored of a natural face. But I think you can pull it off, if you’re cool enough. Like, you’re Maye Musk. What do you think? 

MUSK: I’m not bored with the natural face. I just think makeup enhances your features. And makes you beautiful. 

OTTENBERG: Okay, so I’m not actually bored with it. I’m intrigued by someone who can pull off makeup giving you a major face. We only have one life to live. 

MUSK: Yes! When I’m natural, people think “Oh, you look nice.” But when I’m done up with all this Dior makeup I look stunning. 

OTTENBERG: You do, you do. 

MUSK: I had to say that. I really do. And I have to say it myself, because I can’t believe how good these makeup artists are. 

OTTENBERG: Hell yeah. The face, it’s a canvas. So wait, what did you think of the show? Any faves?

MUSK: I loved the show. It was very Victorian. I liked all the maps of Paris on some of the garments. I liked the mix-and-match. There were some corsets, and then big pants. 

OTTENBERG: Right, or like a shirt and a corset and a pant. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I liked it.

MUSK: I just thought that with each look, when you walk into the room, eyes will be on you. 

OTTENBERG: Have you ever been to Tokyo and seen the Lolita goth girls? 


OTTENBERG: So there’s like a whole subculture. When I first went to Tokyo with Courtney Love like 20 years ago, she showed me all this Lolita goth stuff. Of course she knew where all the weird, freaky stores are, where it’s all pinafores and ruffles and Victorian lace. I felt like they were giving that today. 

MUSK: Exactly that. The big skirts, and then of course the big flowers. I always love those flowers. The different textures, the different materials. I mean, some were knitted! 

OTTENBERG: The knitting was very beautiful. Well, what’s next? What’s on your bucket list? Do you want to go to Mars? 

MUSK: [Laughs]

OTTENBERG: That’s what I’ve been meaning to ask. When are you going to Mars? Or are you not interested? 

MUSK: Do I want to do six months of training? Well, first of all, I want it to be comfortable before I go. Because six months on a rocket—

OTTENBERG: Is that how long it takes? 

MUSK: At the moment, yes. It could go down. I hear from a reliable source it could be less.  

OTTENBERG: So you’ve heard from a reliable source that it could be less in the future, so the jury is out on whether or not we’re seeing Maye Musk serving a fierce Dior face on Mars. 

MUSK: Well, I’ve got 14 grandkids. So if they all go, I will be there with them. 

OTTENBERG: Wow, Grandma. Yes! It was great running into you, you look phenomenal. Thank you. 

MUSK: Thank you. Buh-bye!