Marni Toys With Fashion

Their smushy squat physiques are not what we might expect on the runway, but the new little ladies modeling Marni’s Winter Edition 2009 collection are total dolls. The two printed shopping bags and three limited edition poppets sporting Marni’s standout looks will be sold exclusively in MARNI boutiques worldwide that are participating in VOGUE Fashion’s Night Out. The dolls
have no fear of mascara, eye liner, a powerful red lip. Why should they when they have the fair features and  wide brown eyes of Consuelo Castiglioni, Marni’s own creative director. But their adorable round bodies are something quite different, reminiscent of vintage hand-made baby toys. Dressed in a pair of hot-pants paired with a fur vest or a floral dress and choker, in Marni’s toyland clothes can be universally chic, and models of all sizes can be fun to play with.