Mark Fast

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For his F/W ’14 collection, designer Mark Fast broke away from his traditionally streamlined silhouettes by introducing volume, and lots of it. Chenille and merino combine to form a spongy knit, which was used to create flouncy sweaters, dresses, and skirts. Rather than intricate clinging dresses as seen throughout his previous collections, this season’s models were often lost behind equally as intricate, yet billowing garments. Fast’s recent trip to the city of Mumbai-infused with saturated sunsets and neon lights-inspired the collection’s color scheme. Through an ombré-like façade, electric blues slowly turned to black, which then became colorized once again, turning into burgundy and transitioning into the final color: neon red. Despite changing shades, silver metallic creepers topped off each look. Although the collection was considerably more boyish than Fast’s typical aesthetic, in this case, that is no complaint.

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