Marie Marot Is Designing Button Ups for Big Naturals

For Marie Marot, good design is a matter of timelessness—a trend-agnostic, subtle approach that is as much a reflection of the Paris-based designer’s French background as it is about committing to a more sustainable fashion philosophy. It’s also about celebrating big, natural cleavage, as any of the designer’s nearly 55K Instagram followers knows.  Marot has dedicated herself to the pursuit of the perfect button-up collared shirt—a garment she has built her eponymous brand around—which she styles over decadent lacy bras (or, just as often, over bare skin). The shirts, which come in all manner of classic stripes and preppy checks, are made to wear “everywhere from the office to the seaside,” Marot tells us, “No rules!” Last week, the designer released a collection of her signature shirts in new summer colorways. To mark the occasion, we asked Marot a few questions, inspired by the writings of Andy Warhol.


INTERVIEW: What are you wearing right now?

MARIE MAROT: A light blue plaid shirt, white jeans, brown loafers without socks, a baby blue lacy bra, my rings and perfume—it’s spring in Paris.

INTERVIEW: What did you wear last night? 

MAROT: The same thing—but in different colors. Navy shirt, black jeans, black loafers, navy lacy bra and perfume.

INTERVIEW: What did you eat for breakfast?

MAROT: What most French people eat. Bread, butter, jams, a piece of fruit and two double espressos. I no longer smoke in the morning!

INTERVIEW: Who do you like to stalk?

MAROT: Reality TV people. They’re fascinating.

INTERVIEW: What is sexy to you?

MAROT: A man or a woman who is very beautiful and does not know it.

INTERVIEW: Which show do you watch the most?

MAROT: Ellen and Carpool Karaoke.

INTERVIEW: Where do you keep your dirty videos?

MAROT: In my iPhone. Special folder. It’s the most convenient place lol.

INTERVIEW: What’s the last thing you got in trouble for?

MAROT: Smoking in a restaurant… it’s forbidden in Paris!

INTERVIEW: What’s your favorite movie?

MAROT: So many… but I will say Casino, Thelma and Louise, Las Vegas Parano, and Barry Lyndon.

INTERVIEW: Do you dream?

MAROT: A LOT and very BIG—it gives me the courage to do things, and to start new projects.

INTERVIEW: Are you a good cook? What’s your specialty?

MAROT: Omg no! I don’t cook, but I am a good eater. I love almost everything.

INTERVIEW: When do you get nervous?

MAROT: When people are not professional, and when I lose time because things are poorly organized.

INTERVIEW: What do you like in a person?

MAROT: I like people who are caring, honest, talkative, passionate… I like people who have a madness, those who have a flame.

INTERVIEW: What do you think about love?

MAROT: Love is life—it brings balance and strength. It can bring trouble, but to love and feel loved is to feel alive. It’s a very special energy.

INTERVIEW: Why can’t it just be magic all the time?

MAROT: Impossible. We would get bored!

INTERVIEW: How many hotels have you been kicked out of?

MAROT: Zero! 

INTERVIEW: What are you reading right now?

MAROT: So many things. Burning Boy by Paul Auster, The Complete Poems of Jim Harrison (One of my favorite American writers), and Beggars of Life by Jim Tully, which is amazing.