Luke Meagher On Lace, Energy Drinks, and Prada SS23

Prada SS23

Photos Courtesy of Luke Meagher.

Aptly titled “TOUCH OF CRUDE,” the Prada SS23 runway show was a self-referential collection both raw and sensual, featuring accents of lace and leather, sheer fabrics, and imperfect seams that coalesced into a classic Raf Simons and Miuccia Prada collection. After the show, our fashion director Dara caught up with the influencer and YouTube fashion critic Luke Meagher a.k.a @hautelemode for a quick kiki about their favorite looks.


DARA: We are here with Luke [Meagher] a.k.a. Haute Le Mode. Icon. Legend. And we just got out of the what?

LUKE MEAGHER: The Prada show for Spring 2023. It was really, really good.

DARA: Okay, so I’m gonna ask you a couple of questions, Interview style. Hold on, I’m a real professional. What are you wearing?

MEAGHER: I’m wearing Prada.

DARA: Oh, hello.

MEAGHER: A nice ribbed knit experience.

DARA: It’s got a little detail around the neck.

MEAGHER: Yeah, she’s cute. I had to roll her up because, like, my neck is not long enough unlike some people I know…

DARA: What’s in your pockets?

MEAGHER: My phone. Well, my other phone, my work phone.

DARA: She has two phones, flex.

MEAGHER: Not a flex, flex. But it’s because my personal gets a little bit chunked up with all the videos.

DARA: Vibes. What’s in your system?

MEAGHER: Not a Monster. I’ve been trying to find Monster in Milan and it’s really difficult.

DARA: Like the energy drink?


DARA: Ewww.

MEAGHER: And I found one in the subway. I know that’s like my white trash coming out.

Prada SS23

DARA: Work. What did you think of the show?

MEAGHER: I thought it was beautiful. It was a nice reference to fall 2005. There was a little Spring 2009 in there too. 

DARA: Can you describe the collection in three words?

MEAGHER: Crinkled, a little bit wrinkled, and light lace. Sorry, that was four.

DARA: I’m into it. What was the show giving?

MEAGHER: It was giving minimal. Raf and Miuccia have done a really good job of finding a way to like re-reference things that have probably already been referenced, but give it a little bit of an update that feels light and fun and funky but not too pretty, but also not ugly.

DARA: Ugly-chic.

MEAGHER: But we’re not doing ugly-chic, that was two seasons ago. 

Prada SS23

DARA: Did you have a favorite look?

MEAGHER: Yes, it was that lace, it was the cardigans that were, like, deteriorating on the back and exposed. But also that white lacy dress that had the Prada triangle in lace on the neck. Ugh. Hot.

DARA: Who was sitting next to you and did you talk to them?

MEAGHER: Hanan [Besovik] who runs @ideservecouture and we discussed all the shows, the craziness, and taking the metro in Milan.

DARA: How was that?

MEAGHER: It’s better than New York because it’s efficient and clean.

DARA: Take note New York City. We love you but…

MEAGHER: @EricAdams.

DARA: Describe your Milan fashion week schedule in one word.


DARA: Oh, that’s good. I’m jealous of you. How many hours of sleep did you get last night?

MEAGHER: Eight-and-a-half.

DARA: No jet lag here.


DARA: What is your fashion week beauty secret?

MEAGHER: Sunscreen. That’s it.

DARA: What was your last meal?

MEAGHER: Bread with Nutella and an apple.

DARA: What’s the highlight of your fashion week so far?

MEAGHER: Prada. 

DARA: What is the best time to show up to the after party?


DARA: Good answer. And what’s the best magazine in the whole world?

MEAGHER: Interview? Run me my column, girls.

Prada SS23