Luka Sabbat Shares Some Thoughts on the Coming Climate Apocalypse and His Latest Capsule Collection

An image from the campaign.


Luka Sabbat has been declared “one of the culture’s biggest influencers”, Kourtney Kardashian’s rumored beau, and, perhaps most notably, 2019’s Chloë Sevigny. But what’s the secret ingredient in the 21-year-old’s expletive-peppered formula for Gen-Z domination? In an attempt to investigate the lucid mystique of the “It Boy” of the moment, we spoke to him — fresh off a flight — about his latest venture, a 4-piece “future facing concept collection” of clothing for a pending climate apocalypse. Ironically titled “Unfortunately, Ready to Wear,” the collection is a collaboration with Milk Studios and the Natural Resources Defense Council. Though Sabbat is no expert on climate change as it currently stands, he is heavily invested in it as a general concept, and of making sure today’s cool kids are provided enough minimalist armor to protect them from potential unwelcome fires, polluted air, and infectious disease.  In the 7 minutes we were granted with the social media mastermind and climate change non-expert, he revealed to us some fatalistic thoughts on the days to come, spatial awareness, and why cool nerds are going to save the world — “low key.”


On what he would put in his survival backpack: 

“Probably a blanket, a fire, things to start a fire I guess, and Bare Water, mostly water.” 

On when he predicts the climate apocalypse will happen:

“I don’t think it will happen in our lifetimes. It’s more of the idea and the concept. I don’t think it’s gonna happen for a long time, but it’s like, then it might happen period. It’s more about the conversation than the reality of it, you know?”

The backpack from “Unfortunately, Ready to Wear.”

On the importance of being alert in the climate apocalypse:

“The headphones are for spatial awareness, warnings, something that can let you know what’s going on around you ’cause we only have one set of ears and one set of eyes. Like, two of each.” 

On zippers as an emergency accessory:

“The jacket [I designed] folds into a shorter jacket, and it has magnetic closures, so it’s really easy to close and open. Because at the end of the day, it’s about convenience. If you think about it, a zipper takes time. So, it was just like, use in case of emergency. Other stuff is really meant to look sick, but this is just meant to serve its sole purpose.”

The bandana from the collection.

On designing a gas mask: 

“Our bandana filters out polluted air, or a smoky situation, or any bad air. It filters all that out and makes it as breathable as it could be. It’s basically like a gas mask of a sorts, but in bandana form.”

On why nerds will save us all:

“[The bandana] is made out of…I don’t know, some scientific nerd fabric. I don’t know that much about it, but I know a bunch of cool nerds figured it out. Nerds are at low key gonna save the world ’cause they’re the only people that have the information to do shit like that.”