Lisa Hoffman’s Scent of a Woman


“I think that fragrance and fashion are both ways for women to express themselves, which is a pretty timeless desire,” says Lisa Hoffman. Inspired by a pair of Victorian earrings gifted by her husband, actor Dustin Hoffman, Hoffman married these two forms of expression with a line of fragrance jewelry: delicate necklaces, earrings, and pendants that conceal an unexpected treasure. “During [the Victorian] era, it was considered gauche to wear diamonds during the day,” Hoffman explains. “So women would wear “carriage ball” clips over their earrings until the sun set and then remove them to show their diamonds at a special event.” Though diamonds in the daylight are no longer a faux pas, it was this instance of hiding in plain sight that prompted Hoffman to develop her unique jewelry line.

Hoffman’s jewelry derives its alluring scent from “fragrance beads,” which utilize eco-friendly materials to deliver a fragrance that lasts for several weeks. In addition to embedding the fragrance beads in her own designs, Hoffman has collaborated with beloved jeweler Tom Binns to bring scent to his design aesthetic. “With the guidance of my daughter, my husband ‘discovered’ Tom and his jewelry several years ago,” says Hoffman. “Tom is an artist with a vision all his own. What more could anyone want from a creative partner?”

Though she draws inspiration from travel, it is Hoffman’s husband and children that spark her creativity, and not simply via glittering gifts. “I learn so much from them,” she says. “How they view the world helps me to grow and stay young.”