Dress Like Lil Wayne

“Six Foot Seven Foot,” the first single from Lil Wayne’s latest album, has a lot going on—notably, a re-interpretation of Christopher Nolan’s convoluted thriller about dreams-within-dreams, Inception. It’s actually not so much a re-interpretation as it is Wayne acting out isolated scenes from the film, edited among more traditional video material. We appreciate this approach to sampling, and take it to the rapper’s wardrobe. In the slideshow, find ways the do “Six Foot Seven Foot” fashion—from home, no less.


Wayne starts off classic—black and white, leather; some nods to his own rock ‘n roll past. Surface2Air has got a similarly 70s-inspired leatherjacket, with industrial-strength zippers. Then look smug!


Classic Ray Bans, check. Grills at your own discretion.


We don’t ever recommend wearing a wool suit in the wash, but if you have to affect some kind of dream sequence, make it Hugo Boss. Wayne’s also willing to get his Tartan tie wet; get your own at Barneys Co-Op. Or a madras check pattern. His eyewear is particularly classic, and replicated if you cop the black matte version by Super.


Got groupie style? Wayne shows you how you can get it. American Apparel has got the original latex bridge between negligée and eveningwear. It’s hard to tell what these lovelyladies are wearing on their feet, but you’d do well to complete the lookwith YSL’s classic suede plaform heel.


In Wayne’s workd, hair’s an accessory‚ so leave the house in an Agent Provocateur corset without feeling under-done.


A patterned evening jacket with satin lapels is indeed cause for celebration. You can get one here. If you’re feeling extra bold, pair it with Band of Outsiders’ check bowtie.

Someone in the Wayne camp spends a lot of time on FurHatWorld.com, and isn’t afraid to show it off.


One not-so-discrete bling shot features a decidedly budget accessory: Marc by Barc Jacobs’ padlock keychain (which goes for ). Don’t fuck with Wayne’s shit, when you can cop your own.


The final Lil Wayne style inspiration from 6’7’—do you. Pick your own designer for a custom monogrammed tracksuit.