Lil Nas X and Petra Collins Take Coach on a Psychedelic Journey

Lil Nas X

As Coach’s newest ambassador, Lil Nas X is trading pole dancing down to hell for ascending to the heavens in the launch video for the brand’s Courage To Be Real campaign. The Petra Collins-directed short film is a trippy journey through stylized rooms representing the musician’s personal journey, tracking Lil Nas X through nebulous portals that eventually lead him to a celestial arena. The video is soundtracked by his new single “STAR WALKIN’,” a pulsating, atmospheric track that guides Lil Nas X on his mind-bending voyage. The campaign feels like a true collaboration, combining Collins’ dreamy cinematography, Coach creative director Stuart Vevers’ timeless takes on archival fashion, and Lil Nas X’s devotion to radical self-expression—check out the video below for a peek into the psychedelic partnership.