Let Loose!

Obama delivers his State of the Union Address to a mixture of skepticism and renewed optimism. Michelle Obama chooses to wear her hair down, relaxed and unrefined. Is it a sign of our times? I say, most definitely. Look around: from the most recent Fashion Weeks to award ceremonies (the Grammys, the Globes, SAG) to premieres, celebrities are choosing to let loose. It’s as if the hassle of hair is almost as burdensome as the economic state of our nation. If we’re in it for the long haul, why not have some fun? (At least with the hair part).

We asked some of the best hair stylists in the business to weigh in on the newest trend: wavy, relaxed hair.

Frederic Fekkai Celebrity Stylist Adir Abergel:
“The reason we are seeing people letting loose with curls and bounce–wave and movement in their hair–is because it represents freedom, and fun, and willing to let go and have less structure in our lives. It’s a great way to soften a look and add a carefree spirit to a style.”
Andy Lecompte of the Andy Lecompte Salon (also know as Madonna’s mane man):
“I think that more of the glam waves are the modern way to go right now. It’s just fresher and more modern. I think that Hollywood is just hungry for a more polished, more chic vibe.”
Joyce Cohen of the Pierre Michel Salon
“Curls make the face appear softer–it is a more modern hairstyle that flatters anyone. It is the direction hair is moving toward. Straight hair is in the past, and a let loose style is approaching.”