Ladurée and Tsumori Chisato Are Sweet Together


To commemorate its 150th anniversary, Ladurée commissioned fun Japanese ready-to-wear designer Tsumori Chisato to create a special collection. “I love their macarons, like everybody, and it’s a beautiful French maison, with a great savoir-faire and a very poetic universe,” says Chisato. Inspired by cherry blossoms, the decadent collection was created by Vincent Lemains and art directed by Chisato. “I was looking for something very Japanese, and the cherry blossom (‘sakura’ in Japanese) is,” says Chisato. “It’s sweet and poetic; you can see all the white and pink petals flying because of the wind and on the ground everywhere in Japan in February and March. It’s everywhere, and we have a lot of celebrations.” A scented candle is included in the tribute collection, with springy floral notes; the set will be available for sale March 1.