Katlin Aas

Photography Christian Brylle

Published January 17, 2017


Model Katlin Aas is inspired by “people in their purest and most raw essence.” Born on Boxing Day in Estonia, Aas made her runway debut seven years ago at Christopher Kane in London. Since then, she’s starred in campaigns for Marc by Marc Jacobs, Miu Miu, Valentino, Dior, Alexander Wang, and MAC Cosmetics, and graced the pages of Interview multiple times, most recently wearing some of Rick Owens’s most iconic pieces

THE PERSON I ADMIRE THE MOST/MY HERO: I’ve never had one and I still don’t. 

QUESTIONS I CAN’T ANSWER:  “Where do you see yourself in 10 years? What’s your dream job?” Anything that requires a boring answer and knowledge about my future.

EVENTS I WISH I’D WITNESSED:  The rock ‘n’ roll and punk scenes back in the ’70s.

THINGS I’D LIKE TO IMPROVE ABOUT MYSELF:  I just continuously try to be a better version of myself, whatever that may include at the time. Currently I’m working on trying to be more compassionate towards myself. I can be quite hotheaded, impulsive, and my own worst enemy at times, but I believe they are what make me perfectly imperfect. To me, it’s about finding a way that works for me the best.

GAMES I PLAY: Anything mentally stimulating, really: Sudoku; chess; checkers; board games; Escape the Room, which is super fun when you go with friends. I don’t spend much time on my phone, so I prefer to have old-fashioned dance parties with my roommates (shout out to Kate and Rachel!).

MY GREATEST VICE:  I don’t believe in vices, at least not in the ordinary sense. To me, it’s about finding a balance. If I feel like I want to have a cigarette, eat a bucket of ice cream, and get drunk, I will do it. Then again, maybe that’s my problem.

THINGS I’LL BE REMEMBERED BY: Loyalty, friendship, bluntness, stubbornness, but above all, once you are my true friend you are considered to be my family and I will stick with you until the end. I guess loyalty wins big.

SOME THINGS I’D RATHER FORGET: I don’t believe in forgetting—forgetting to me means forgetting what it taught you, and without lessons we wouldn’t experience life to its fullest. I believe in letting go: letting go of the pain it caused you. I wear my scars with pride even if some are still healing or keep reopening. To me, it’s a part of life and even if there are experiences I would rather not relive, I never wish I would forget them. If there is one thing I know and have learnt over the years it’s that I am strong and resilient and I might get knocked down, but I will always get up. Always. MY IDEA OF HAPPINESS:  To enjoy life to the fullest wherever that may take me.

ONE LAST FAVOR I’D LIKE TO ASK: To be kind towards each other and to leave the ego and entitlement out of the game.

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