Jason Wu Does Sunglasses… We Await the MObama Style



For a young designer, the leap into accessories can feel like a make-or-break proposition. There’s a lot to consider—branding, factories, cost, just keeping it all togehter. But the rewards can be… well, remunerative. This season Jason Wu toes the water with his new line of sunglasses. Tapping into a history of strong female lens ladies that includes Jackie O and Lady Gaga, the designer says, “I wanted to put my stamp on an item… with an inherently chic connotation—sunglasses.  Named after iconic women of the last century, the candy-colored glasses evoke personality rather than sun protection. Famed aviator-with-an-unfortunate-biopic Amelia Earheart gets a make-over with a pair of updated and reinforced black aviators, Jean Seaberg’s influence via a pair of upturned cat eyes in a soft blue color, and the Joan Jett pair has just a hint of rock n’ roll in its purple ombre finish. We are, of course, waiting for the pair devoted to Michelle Obama.