“Is It Cake?”: A Chaotic Balmain SS24 Review

Balmain SS24

THURSDAY SEP. 28, 2023 12:05 AM PARIS.

On their way to the afters, the Interview fashion team pulls up their favorite selects from the Balmain SS24 show—igniting a heated debate over cake, peplum, and patent leather roses.


TAYLORE SCARABELLI: Wait, we should just review this Balmain show.

DARA: Okay. We’re going through the Balmain show. Olivier Rousteing’s show that got robbed.

SCARABELLI: She was robbed. But you know, I can’t tell.

LUCY GASTON: Look one is not saying, “I’ve been robbed.”

SCARABELLI: Although she looks like she might get robbed because she looks fab. I like look two.

DARA: I would rob look two. Those rose buttons are so nice.

Balmain SS24

GASTON: And look three with the hip.

DARA: I love a hip pad. As a woman with no hips, I need that. It’s a built-in BBL.


SCARABELLI: But what? 

DARA: Hold on. Look ten is the moment because what else do you need other than the Madonna cone bra underneath?

SCARABELLI: I have a question. Is peplum coming back?

DARA: Yes, peplum is so back—

SCARABELLI: I keep seeing it—

DARA: I’ve never let a peplum leave me. I’m into a peplum.

SCARABELLI: I’ve rocked a peplum in the past.

DARA: Here’s the thing about the kids who think a peplum is cheugy—what it does for the body is an undeniable slay.

SCARABELLI: An undeniable slay. Wow. You heard it here first.

DARA: Because it gives you waist, it gives you hip, it gives you shape. And then there’s those major plastic flower dresses that are coo-coo crazy.

SCARABELLI: Those are patent leather, darling.

DARA: I’m overstimulated.

GASTON: This is when we enter the, “Is it cake” era.

DARA: Is it cake?

SCARABELLI: Very cake. 

GASTON: It’s a full garden of roses. 

DARA: Oh my god. Is it a coat?

SCARABELLI: It’s a bush, honey. And then we really get into this spring summer vibe.

GASTON: Honestly, I love this yellow. She’s gorgeous.

DARA: Our car is here in one minute, so spit it out.

GASTON: Did we pay for this champagne?


SCARABELLI: Okay. We’re in the Uber.

DARA: We paid for the champagne and now we’re on the way to the after party and we’re talking Balmain. 

SCARABELLI: We’re talking about, “Is it cake?”

Balmain SS24

GASTON: Let me go back, back, back. Okay, so look 33 really starts off, “Is it cake?” But then we hit 36, which is so Taylor Swift.

DARA: Oh yeah. Taylor Swift with her new relationship giving hot, sexy, patent leather, flower rhinestone—

SCARABELLI: She’s getting laid in that dress, honey.

DARA: Okay, boleros. Another conversation. Are they back?

SCARABELLI: Boleros are timeless.

DARA: Yeah, because as women, we need something to keep us a little bit warm, but also not too covered. 

SCARABELLI: Okay, I want a moment for look number 45.

GASTON: For 45?

DARA: You’re wearing 45. The drop waist couture beading.

GASTON: The beading is really nice.

DARA: You know what’s really good about that silhouette? She’s still giving you waist because of what?

SCARABELLI: Because of the built-in BBL. [Laughs] Wait we’re almost at 10 minutes. We’ve got to cap it. But this rose lattice look is the ultimate fondant piece.

DARA: That’s so cake.

GASTON: It’s so cake.

SCARABELLI: Is it cake? 

GASTON: No question.