In the Closet: From the YSL-Bergé Auction

Photo by Jean Provence. Sweatshirt in the little screen.

After reading Alicia Drake’s The Beautiful Fall: Lagerfeld, Saint Laurent, and Glorious Excess in 1970s Paris, I decided I just had to go the Bergé auction. I got a flat from a good friend for the three auction days, right in the center of (my favorite city) Paris. I’m 24 year old artist and I didn’t have a ticket, because I don’t have enough money in my bank account and you had to present proof when you registered.

But a friend brought me through the security checks without getting caught, and I skipped the three-hour queue. I was astonished to find myself all of a sudden inside the Grand Palais, which was decorated with plants and furniture. I went straight to the Christies Showroom, where they installed the YSL stuff the way it was supposed to have been in his appartement in Paris. It looked OK but they kicked me out, because I didn’t have a personal Christies guide. No problem, as the auction started soon after. Crazy: Mondrian, Matisse, old-school German things from Hanover, Art Deco furniture, Franz Hals…

And then this Calvin Klein logo pullover came up to the block. It was the one Yves used to wear while gardening, and they showed a picture with him wearing it. I never thought he would wear CK (conflict of interest?)—but the color and so forth, I like it on Yves. And he used to garden—who knew? Almost nobody wanted to buy the CK pullover. I got it for a good deal, the only thing affordable and undoubtedly the best. And now it’s in my closet. The best part: It all happened in front of a Daniel Buren. Nice Stripes. I’ll always remember YSL, CK, and Buren: perfect branding.