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Harry Hill Gives Mr. Toad Meets Titanic at the Coach Party

All photos courtesy of Harry Hill.

To celebrate the release of the Coach x Tom Wesselmann collaboration, which features Wesselmann’s paintings on an array of Coach staples from classic bucket bags, to shearling jackets and trenches, friends of the brand gathered at its SoHo flagship store for a launch party that was as cheeky and playful as the collection itself. At the soirée, we caught up with the accessories aficionado and Instagram’s resident “vibe curator” Harry Hill for a chat about toads, Hadids, and New York’s fun aunt, Sarah Jessica Parker.


ERNESTO MACIAS: Tell me where we are and what we’re doing. 

HARRY HILL: We’re at Coach in SoHo celebrating the Coach x Tom Wesselmann collection. 

MACIAS: What’s in your system?

HILL: Like four chocolate-covered almonds and like three sips of a vodka soda.

MACIAS: Come on Yolanda Hadid. What’s in your pockets?

HILL: I’ve got a cell phone and a Coach dinky. It’s got some air pods, some keys, and three single dollar bills in it. Also extra sunglasses and some lip gloss.

MACIAS: How was your Pride?

HILL: Amazing. I hung out in the park. You can’t do pride anywhere other than New York, you just can’t. Oh, and I saw Frankie Grande on a float—

MACIAS: Do you feel altered by that?

HILL: I feel like it gave me seven years of good luck. This might be a shock to some people because they might think it’s bad luck. But it was Pride so I think it’s good luck. If you see him any other day it’s bad luck.  Just kidding!

MACIAS: What are you wearing tonight? 

HILL: I texted my friend on the way here that I kind of look like Tuck Everlasting, because I’m wearing plaid pants, a little vintage Ralph Lauren shirt, and a thrifted vest and some converse. It’s giving Mr. Toad meets Titanic. It’s as if Mr. Toad was riding the Titanic. Do you agree?

MACIAS: I was actually thinking Harry Styles meets Mr. Toad. What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Coach?

HILL: Grocery shopping with my mom when I was little.

MACIAS: Did she have a Coach bag?

HILL: She had so many Coach bags!

MACIAS: What are you obsessed with right now?

HILL: Right now I’m obsessed with the beach. Right now I’m obsessed with having a pouch to put your things in.

MACIAS: Love. You looked at the collaboration. What’s it giving?

HILL: It’s giving freshly kissed lips.

MACIAS: Who do you see wearing the collection?

HILL: I think this collection would look really, really good on Katy Perry. I could also see it on Joe Jonas.

MACIAS: You’ve met SJP [Sarah Jessica Parker] how many times now? 

HILL: I’ve met SJP… I’ve only met her once. 

MACIAS: I feel like it’s more than that… 

HILL: Oh no, duh. Twice. But like we’ve also had some mail correspondence.

MACIAS: Amazing. Why are you so obsessed with her? 

HILL: Sarah Jessica Parker is New York City’s fun aunt. Forever.

MACIAS: What is the most recent fake scenario that you’ve imagined?

HILL: Oh god, it was in the Uber over here. It was—I don’t think I should say it on the record. 

MACIAS: How many skincare routine steps gives unhinged vibes?

HILL: I think if you have more than ten. If it’s double digits, you need to chill.

MACIAS: What’s the hardest part about being an influencer?

HILL: You feel inclined to share random moments that do not need to be shared at all. That nobody cares about. You capture content from moments that you know you’re not going to share, but you capture it anyway. If that makes sense.