Gloves On


Forget pole dancing and Soul Cycle, boxing is the sport du jour. Just ask Next models Shanina Shaik, Alina Baikova, Shelby Keeton, and Myf Shepherd.

Shanina Shaik
AGE: 22

HOMETOWN: Melbourne, Australia.

WAS IT FASHIONABLE?â?¨â?¨ Aussie fashion is really cool—a laid back style. I love Australian fashion.

DID YOU GROW UP READING MAGAZINES? Yes, I loved reading magazines growing up: teen mags, fashion mags, and every now and then gossip magazines.

WERE YOU ALWAYS TALL? DID THAT SET YOU APART FROM YOUR PEERS? Yes, I was always tall growing up, although my friends in high school did catch up in Year Nine. I was always in the back row for school photos and the “rebounder” in basketball. It didn’t set me apart. Didn’t make a difference.

HOW WERE YOU DISCOVERED? I entered into the Girlfriend Magazine modeling competition—the same competition that discovered Abbey Lee. I became a semi-finalist one year but nothing came of the result. Then I entered the year after that and once again became a semi-finalist. I was then signed to CHIC modeling agency.

DREAM CAMPAIGN: Tom Ford or Versace campaign

FIRST SHOOT: I began modeling when I was eight years old, but my first big shoot was when I arrived into NYC and was chosen to shoot for a hair campaign. They dyed my hair red, and I didn’t finish shooting until 12 am.

STARTED BOXING: I started boxing last year. Boxing gives me confidence in self-defense and it’s the best cardio workout. It also helps release frustration.

ARE YOU ANY GOOD? My trainer says I’m a good boxer! I think I’m becoming better in time.

Alina Baikova
AGE: 26

HOMETOWN: Kirovograd, Ukraine

WAS IT FASHIONABLE?�� In its own way, but fashion came really late to my city.

DID YOU GROW UP READING MAGAZINES? Not really. I didn’t even know brands like Chanel or Dior.

WERE YOU ALWAYS TALL? DID THAT SET YOU APART FROM YOUR PEERS? Yes. â?¨I was uncomfortable with my height, people mentioned it a lot and made fun of me.  It was like nobody wanted to be my friend.

HOW WERE YOU DISCOVERED? After I finished high school, I went to work as a waitress to support myself and not have to ask my parents for money (my parents didn’t make much money). I met a woman who pushed me to become a model. I really didn’t want to, but will be thankful to her for the rest of my life!

DREAM CAMPAIGN: Victoria’s Secret.

FIRST SHOOT: My first shoot was a test shoot—I only really started to like photo shoots and understand the art of it recently. When I started modeling, I knew I was given a  chance in life to make money, but didn’t like it in the beginning. Now I really love what I’m doing.

STARTED BOXING: I started about a year ago, my friend suggested to try as I love working out and trying new things. It’s hard and it challenges me. But as a professional sport, I think it’s one of the most dangerous.

ARE YOU ANY GOOD? I’m getting there.

Myf Sheperd
AGE: 22

HOMETOWN: Brisbane, Australia

WAS IT FASHIONABLE?â?¨â?¨ It’s just a different kind of fashionable. There’s a lot more fake tan and glitter…

DID YOU GROW UP READING MAGAZINES? Yes, but mostly men’s magazines! 

WERE YOU ALWAYS TALL? DID THAT SET YOU APART FROM YOUR PEERS? Always! I think it made other girls scared of me. I’ve always had a lot more boy friends.

HOW WERE YOU DISCOVERED? My mother agent saw me at a market near where I grew up and told me to come to Sydney.

DREAM CAMPAIGN: Marc Jacobs. Mostly because they always look like they would be a lot of fun to shoot.

FIRST SHOOT: My first shoot for a magazine was Oyster in Sydney. I was 16 and very green. I got confused about the call time and ended up being three hours late. I cried the entire time. Apparently I met my best friend that day, but I don’t even remember because I could hardly see through all the tears in my eyes!

STARTED BOXING: Fairly recently. I was always scared of being considered a bruiser when I was growing up because I was so tall. Now I’m trying to make up for lost time and be a powerful, badass woman!

ARE YOU ANY GOOD? Not technically, but I definitely feel good when I’m doing it!

Shelby Keeton
AGE: 22

HOMETOWN: Corpus Christi, Texas

WAS IT FASHIONABLE? I would not call it fashionable, all you need is your flip-flops and cowboy hats.

DID YOU GROW UP READING MAGAZINES? Yes. I would read Elle, Vogue, and National Geographic.

HOW WERE YOU DISCOVERED? I entered a modeling contest when I was 14 and won! I went to NYC that summer.

DREAM CAMPAIGN: My dream campaign and runway would have to be Chanel, because the clothes are always so beautiful and I love their classic style.

FIRST SHOOT: My first shoot was for Glamour magazine with Dewey Nicks, and we shot in Warner Brothers Studio in L.A. The story had fake rain and snow—I felt like I was in a movie. I loved every moment of it.

STARTED BOXING: About two years ago to get back into shape after having my son Hendrix. I love to box, it’s more than just a great workout— I’ve learned to throw an amazing punch, I have a couple combos that you can’t mess with. I love my boxing gym Aerospace, my trainer Leila is the sickest, I would recommend checking out her class.

ARE YOU ANY GOOD? I would like to think so. I hit pretty hard.