The genuinely refreshing faces of Eckhaus Latta

Designers Mike Eckhaus and Zoe Latta have eschewed stunt casting. Instead of shoehorning a fully functioning robot into their runway shows for headlines, the pair have created a family of diverse talent that they continuously support. It’s the casting equivalent of thanking your customer.

Working together with Midland’s Rachel Chandler, trans singer and PC Music affiliate SOPHIE walked in the show for the first time, but many of the other “nodels” were familiar to those who have been watching the brand assert itself as a breath of fresh air on the NYFW schedule over the years. Apart from actual friends of the designers, artists Susan Cianciolo and Jane Moseley, the model Paloma Elsesser and musician Coco Gordon Moore were all back for a second time. It’s refreshing in a time when the word “inclusive” is thrown around so loosely to see Eckhaus Latta practice inclusivity in a familial, genuine way—something they’ve done since the brand’s inception.