Miss Jones, Part II

Preen. All photos by Genevieve Jones.


FEBRUARY 14: HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! Not much to write. I skipped all the shows and took it easy with a full on spa day and a sweet Valentine evening.

FEBRUARY 15: I love waking up with white light sunshine in my face. I love over-sleeping just as much. I got ten much-needed hours last night. I looked at my blackberry and decided not to bother dealing with the “where are you” texts from last night and turned up the music instead. With my mind at warp speed trying to organize my thoughts I got dressed for a day of shows.

My first and definitely my favorite show of the day was Preen. I arrive there—on time!—and they haven’t let anyone in yet. I spot my girlfriends Stephanie LaCava and Poppy Delevingne and we go inside. Soon after the whole lot piles in: Derek Blasberg, Lauren Santo Domingo, Fabiola Beracasa, Hamish Bowles, and the whole Vogue crew. There I addressed the inevitable “where were you last night” in person, got filled in on who, what, and where from the night before, took pictures, chatted up Roisin Murphy and then Kanye West arrives! He’s with his crew of stylish friends, some of whom I know, all I love.

Show starts, and it’s as amazing as I expected—super sexy, very smart and full of humor. The show ends so I go backstage to greet the designer. I was happy to finally meet Thea Bragazzi, and I took some pictures before heading over to Scott Sternberg’s Band of Outsiders presentation. It was pretty much all the same people from the Preen show but in a more casual setting. There was a chinchilla peacoat, and I instantly fell in love and the shoes! It was like an open toe converse with a heel. I’m usually not a fan of mixing sport and heels but this shoe was executed beautifully and now I want them in every color! Kanye and Jason Wu were there. I spoke to both, took more pictures and headed home to have lunch before the next show. Once I got home I ended up uploading the pictures and talking to my friends instead of eating, but I ate in the IMG lounge backstage once I got to the tents.



Derek, Genevieve, Kanye


I rushed to my seat at Hervé Leger. The dresses were all very Hervé, but with more texture than usual—lots of fine beading and mix of fabrics and yes, I’m a total fan of shoulder pads, especially when it’s done this well.

After the show I went to the W Lounge with Joy Bryant, Derek Blasberg, and Nicola Vassel and got Lego heart pins from twins. Afterwards I headed home to put on flat boots and went shopping in Soho. After two hours of walking in the cold and no luck looking for the perfect pair of tights, I just bought a clam pizza instead at Lombardi’s pigged out with my boyfriend and fell asleep. I totally missed the evening shows! Seriously, how could I miss 
Jonathan Saunders and Erin Fetherson? Booooooooo. And of course I wake up at 8 PM, eat more pizza, watch a movie and pass out again. If I keep this up, this won’t be much of a fashion diary.  

No more pizza for the rest of Fashion Week.


Genevieve, Derek, Nicola Vassel, Joy Bryant

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