Football Time

This past summer, CDG’s line, Black Comme des Garçons, teamed up with Nike to collaborate on the Nike Blazer Low Premium sneaker. The result was sleek, dark, and kept very hush-hush before its late August release to Dover Street Markets in London and Japan. 

Now that the Comme des Garçons brainchild has opened up in New York, Dover Street Market New York will celebrate with another Nike collaboration: This time, in the form of the “Nike Team Defender” jersey. Nike’s slim fitted football jersey features the classic CDG polka dot pattern in bright red and spotted black across silk screened navy blue. Each jersey is made by hand in Comme des Garçons’ Tokyo atelier and, with slightly different finishes, each jersey is rendered unique. 

The Defender jersey doesn’t shirk on athleticism, though. It’s made with the same mesh paneling and reinforced shoulders that it would be if you were actually going to go play football in it. Which, retailing at $250, we’re guessing you won’t be. The jersey goes on sale at Dover Street Market New York today.