Fashion Week Questionnaire: Ohne Titel

For New York Fashion Week, Interview asked our favorite designers to respond to a questionnaire. Flora Gill and Alexa Adams are Ohne Titel; their latest runway show is happening now. Before the photos of the show hit anywhere, we have the designers’ thoughts, feelings, and favorite cocktails.

1. What’s your inspiration this season?
FLORA GILL: For Fall 2009 we went in a darker direction, contrasting armorial shapes and metallic accents with soft draped pieces.

2. One person you know will be front-row?

ALEXA ADAMS: Everyone, our show is being set up with all front row seats.

3. How has NY changed since last Fashion Week?
AA: The gloomy economy has wreaked havoc. Stores are empty, friends have lost jobs and money.  But on the flip side, clubs are busy, people are getting dressed up. I’ve been invited to more parties in the last three months than over the last year!

4. What’s your uniform during FW
FG: X-bionic ski tights: they have a knit-in pattern that they claim increases energy. I wear them with an OHNE TITEL blazer.
AA: Head-to-toe knit with black over-the-knee boots.

5. What do you have for breakfast during Fashion Week? What do you take as a cocktail?
FG: I like fruit and black coffee for breakfast. For a cocktail, brandy with ginger.
AA: I don’t eat breakfast but I always like amaretto sours for a cocktail.

6. What’s your worst habit during Fashion Week?
AA: I fall behind on good reading.
FG: Eating the same thing every day out of convenience.  

7. The thing you’re most excited for in preparation for your show
FG: I am excited to see the clothes move to our show music. We worked with Bryan Black from Motor this season and love the music.