Fashion Week Questionnaire: Costello Tagliapietra

For New York Fashion Week, Interview asked our favorite designers to respond to a questionnaire. Costello Tagliapetra are Jeffrey Costello and Robert Tagliapietra, the Brooklyn-based bearded duo who specialize in noirish, obscurantist-kitsch influences. Their latest runway show is happening now. Before the photos of the show hit anywhere, we have the designers’ thoughts and anxieties, and some images he used for inspiration.

1. What’s your inspiration this season? We were inspired by the works of HR Giger.  We really loved the dark, erotic, sci-fi imagery… His work really put us in the mood for interesting grays and textures.

2. How has New Yor changed since last Fashion Week? New York fashion week always  gets larger. More and more people showing every season. We haven’t seen a huge difference as of yet but, I think people are still feeling out the economy and big changes usually happen slowly and inconspicuously.

3. What’s your uniform during Fashion Week? We love our plaids and suspenders!  But for fall we are able to break out the wool Pendletons!

Photo of HR Giger


4. What do you have for breakfast during Fashion Week? What do you have as a cocktail? We usually have coffee for breakfast and a nice cold Budweiser is a go-to drink.

5. Your worst habit during Fashion Week: Smoking way too much.


6. What are you most excited for in preparation for your show? We always like casting and fittings. It’s great to finally see the clothes come alive for the first time.