Elsa Majimbo Takes Us to Dinner With Isabel Marant

Elsa Majimbo. Courtesy of BFA.

Elsa Majimbo may be known for her blurry front-facing iPhone videos, but that didn’t stop the Kenyan-born comedian from stepping out in a high-definition look to celebrate Isabel Marant’s stunning new Madison Avenue flagship store. Below, the chip-crunching diva gives us the 411 on her white hot leather accessories, and tells us exactly what stepping into a Marant boutique smells like.


INTERVIEW: What’s in your pockets?

ELSA MAJIMBO: Money, always money.

INTERVIEW: What were you doing right before this?

MAJIMBO: I was trying to get tacos so I have energy for socializing.

INTERVIEW: What did you wear to the Isabel Marant dinner last night?

MAJIMBO: A white leather bag, leather shoes, and iconic white sunglasses.

Elsa Majimbo

INTERVIEW: Did you meet any crushes at the opening?

MAJIMBO: Not really. But everyone looked really cute. It’s Isabel Marant so I didn’t expect any less.

INTERVIEW: What is your drink of choice?

MAJIMBO: Water. It has zero calories, and on that reasoning vodka too.

INTERVIEW: When you think of Madison Avenue, what comes to mind?

MAJIMBO: I’m not too sure where that is but I’ll be sure to Google it later haha.

Elsa Majimbo

INTERVIEW: How would you describe the vibe of the new Isabel Marant store?

MAJIMBO: It feels like Paris in New York. And good old fashion luxury.

INTERVIEW: What does it smell like?

MAJIMBO: New clothes and perfume. Good perfume. The kind Rihanna wears.

INTERVIEW: What is your favorite New York City landmark?

MAJIMBO: Joes Pizza.

Elsa Majimbo. Courtesy of BFA.

INTERVIEW: Finish this sentence: New York concrete jungle where…


INTERVIEW: How are you preparing for fashion week?

MAJIMBO: Fashion week is all about being iconic. You can’t prepare for something you already undeniably are.

INTERVIEW: What’s your fashion week beauty secret?


Elsa Majimbo

MAJIMBO: Pain is ok if you look good enough.

INTERVIEW: Describe your NYFW schedule in one word.

MAJIMBO: Hectic.

INTERVIEW: What is the best time to arrive at the after party?

MAJIMBO: Earliest you can. You go early, you leave early.