Dree Hemingway Demands a Whole Pie at Thanksgiving, and Other Lessons Learned at MSKCC’s Fall Party

While milling about during the cocktail hour at the Four Seasons restaurant, where the Associates Committee of the Society of Memorial Sloan-Kettering held its annual Fall Party on Tuesday evening, Christie’s auctioneer Lydia Fenet spotted a pal: Town & Country events editor Alexis Clark, who sported a fur-trimmed coat and a large, gorgeous pair of sparkling yellow earrings. Once the air-kisses were dispensed with and the introductions complete, we had to comment on the earrings: they’re absolutely beautiful, Alexis! “They’re absolutely Swarovski,” she replied with a laugh.

“That’s so funny, because only in New York would you even ever say that,” Fenet remarked (anywhere else, she said, no one would assume they were real). She has a significant piece of jewelry in her life, as well: an impressive engagement ring (she’ll marry Chris Delaney in New Orleans over Presidents’ Day weekend).

Literary scion Dree Hemingway glowed in a shiny, sleeveless emerald Gucci cocktail dress; Hemingway explained that even though Gucci sponsored the event, she didn’t feel obligated to wear the house’s designs. “No, actually, the opposite. Frida [Giannini] is an amazing designer, and she really knows how to make somebody feel luxurious. I had a hard time picking which dress I wanted to wear. I didn’t feel obligated at all, I was more than happy.”

Hemingway has had more than her fair share of modeling gigs lately, but she eagerly told us she’ll head home to Los Angeles next week for Thanksgiving. “I’m really excited. I require that my mom makes three pumpkin pies, and one, I get to have, because it’s my favorite thing in the world.” Hemingway continued, “I actually just got a place in London, and my favorite thing there is the Sunday roast, because it’s basically a Thanksgiving meal every Sunday. It’s my favorite thing. Thanksgiving is my favorite, favorite time of year. Last year, I was shooting French Vogue in Morocco, so I missed out and I was really bummed. So I’m going big.”

Suddenly, we got to feeling a little peckish. And we can’t have been the only ones: three members of the Society’s Associates Committee were full-to-bursting pregnant, including Ferebee Taube, who’s due on Friday. (The baby, a boy, will be named Clark.) We’re not sure whether it was the result of a pregnancy pact or just something in the water—but getting three pregnant women out of their apartments and into couture on a Tuesday night is no easy feat, and that is the kind of commitment the MSKCC inspires.