Beckham Does Bodywear

David Beckham may no longer be captain of England’s soccer team, but he’s still playing in the big leagues when it comes to underwear modeling. Beckham has been an underwear model for quite sometime now—he joined the venerable roster of Calvin Klein billboard stars back in 2007 and has also posed for one of their competitors, Emporio Armani.  This year, Beckham is taking the next step—he has designed his own underwear collection (sorry, “bodywear” collection) for H&M! Take that, Marky Mark. The line will be available at H&M stores (and probably eBay) beginning in February. In the meantime, here is the latest ad for Beckham’s bodywear, set to air during the Super Bowl next Sunday.  While you’ve probably seen Beckham’s abs of steel quite a few times, we bet you’ve never had such a comprehensive view of his body-art. We’ll understand if you need to watch it a couple of times.