Dara Dishes on Carolina Herrera’s Stunning Valentine’s Day Show

All photos courtesy of Dara.

Carolina Herrera showcased a romantic Fall/Winter 2022 collection on Valentine’s Day in NYC. To get the scoop, we called up one of Interview’s own—the gorgeous model and stylist Dara.


INTERVIEW: Hey Dara. How was the show?

DARA: It was really fun. The looks were amazing. I even saw the goddess Carolina Herrera herself.

INTERVIEW: What were you wearing?

DARA: I was wearing a festive Valentines Day fantasy courtesy of Herrera—a red nylon cape with a red dress, gold shoes, and then I added my own red pants. My hair was in a chic little updo courtesy of my friend Sonny

INTERVIEW: We love Sonny. Did you see any of your crushes in the front row?

DARA: Well I was sitting right across from Mel…it was such a whirlwind.

INTERVIEW: Sounds romantic. How would you describe the collection? Some of those dresses looked like cupcakes.

DARA: It was a confection. There were huge tulle extravaganzas. I loved the pastel hues, the yellows and golds. There was a lot of embroidery too, and a lot of classic Herrera moments. 

INTERVIEW: Who opened the show?

DARA: This gorgeous girl named America. She’s from Venezuela like Carolina Herrera. 

INTERVIEW: What was Mrs. Herrera wearing?

DARA: She was with other people from the atelier and they were in similar garb—white tailored jackets, but hers was a beautiful cocoon. 

INTERVIEW: Uniform, but make it glam. What are you up to the rest of the day?

DARA: I went to Connor McKnight’s showroom. Then I’m heading to Coach and then I’m getting early Valentine’s dinner with my boyfriend before LaQuan Smith.  

INTERVIEW: Sexy. Have a great day!

DARA: You too!