Ferragamo’s Jolie Pump

Outfitting Angelina Jolie for The Tourist, the Venetian thriller that’s out now and pits the superstar with and against Johnny Depp, is easy when it comes to Ferragamo. “Angelina wore her own Ferragamo bi-colored metal stiletto pump to her first fitting,” explains the film’s Academy Award-nominated costume designer, Colleen Atwood, who subsequently named the style after the name of Jolie’s femme fatale character. “We knew it was the ‘Elise’ shoe then and there.”

Walking around Venice is no easy task, it should be noted. And both setting and role called for a really classic show. Says Atwood, “I had a very specific vision for Angelina’s character, and Ferragamo came to mind for the shoe wardrobe especially, as they pioneered the classic stiletto pump, already a favorite of the actress.” And it worked out for long shoot days, an inspiration for women everywhere: “It was a style that went with all outfits… elegant and chic, yet very understated.” PHOTO: GETTY IMAGES