Christian LaCroix and Desigual Team Up for a Blooming Collaboration

Photo Courtesy Desigual.

The French designer Christian LaCroix, known for his mastery of prints, meticulously imperfect pairings, and over-the-top embellishments, has resurfaced from obscurity with a new collaboration with Spanish brand Desigual. Both labels are rooted in finding beauty where others fail to see it, which has become their superpower. LaCroix and Desigual have been collaborating consistently for nine years and according to the designer it was “love at first sight” after his first visit to Barcelona. With their Spring/Summer 2020 collection LaCroix and Desigual do what they know best: mixing, matching, and clashing floral patterns over more patterns. More is more in their world. The collaboration puts on display precisely layered photo-real prints of hydrangeas, over Dahlias, clashing with foxgloves, and chrysanthemums of various size and scale creating an eccentric wearable garden. If we can’t smell the roses, at least we can wear them, right? Below Interview revisits 10 runway looks from Mr. LaCroix’s career in honor of his blooming collaboration with Desigual. – ALEXA LANZA