Bruce Weber’s Beach Babe

Following his typical fascination with the beauty of the unclothed human (particularly male) form and classical filmmaking, Bruce Weber‘s latest short film for Giorgio Armani‘s Acqua di Giò fragrance captures the youth and sensuality of the brand’s iconic cologne. Featuring Canadian model Simon Nessman (who also appeared Madonna‘s “Girl Gone Wild” music video), the newly released director’s cut is set to tribal drums that offer an intriguing undertone to otherwise tranquil environment shots.

Filmed in Miami earlier this January, the film follows a standard theme for Acqua di Giò ads, from the male model swimming purposefully through the ocean to the shots of the sun peeking through the clouds. If six minutes of crystal-clear water coursing over Nessman’s skin isn’t enough to let you know they’re selling bottled hygiene, the sudsy waves crashing on his body at the end basically scream lather, rinse, and repeat. But with no dialogue and not even a picture of the fragrance, it is certainly one of Giorgio Armani’s artier—if not subtler—features.