“Being gorgeous, I mean. It helps.”: A Fashion Story by Bruno Staub and James Valeri

Tank Top by Givenchy. Pants by Levi’s. Briefs (worn throughout) by Uomo.


“That’s why I’m happy I’m famous for what I’m so famous for. Being gorgeous, I mean. It helps me believe in myself and not worry that I’m just a bunch of blue tubes inside a skin wrapper, which is what everyone actually is.” From Closer, by Dennis Cooper.


Jacket by Dior Men. Shirt Stylist’s Own. Pants by Levi’s.

Tank Top by Y/Project X Fila. Jeans by Calvin Klein. Shoes by Buffalo London.

Tank Top by Brut Vintage. Pants by Courreges. Sunglasses by Lanvin. Shoes by Buffalo London.

Jacket, Hoodie, and Leggings by Celine.

Vest and Top by 6 Moncler 1017 Alyx 9SM. Leggings by 3 Moncler Grenoble. Shoes by Buffalo London.


Models: Amr Abdalla, Simone Carpentieri,  Mattia Giovanni, Yure Rigatti, and Luca Trabacchi

Casting: Priscilla Benedetti

Hair: Giulio Ordonselli using Label M at Studio Repossi

Production: Magma Productions

Executive Producer: Lucinda Agar

Fashion Assistants: Arnaud Buisson and Silvia Pirolli

Production Coordinator: Gilda Aloisi

Production Assistant: Luca Trabacchi

Production Assistant: Pietro Giuliani

Digitech: Matteo Cefaloni