Ava Max on Scooby Doo, Lil Nas X, and Coach SS23

Image courtesy of Ava Max.

Yesterday afternoon, the sultry songstress Ava Max traded diamonds and dance floors for the front row at Coach’s nautical NYFW SS23 show. After watching models strut down a reconstructed pier in funky fisherman sweaters, buckled-up leather captain’s jackets, and beach-friendly jelly sandals embellished with Coach’s trademark C, Max met us backstage to chat about sleep deprivation, back to school fashion, and Lil Nas X’s runway debut.




INTERVIEW: Are you holding up okay this fashion week? 

MAX: Yes, yes, yes. 

INTERVIEW: Did you get any sleep last night? 

MAX: No, I did not. [Laughs] Just a few hours. 

INTERVIEW: Same. What are you wearing today? 

MAX: I’m wearing Coach, and I love it so much. It’s a pleated skirt–

INTERVIEW: A little choker. 

MAX: Yes! The choker’s fun. It has Scooby Doo on it. 

INTERVIEW: What’s the look giving? 

MAX: It’s giving Gossip Girl


MAX: Which I am not mad at.. 

INTERVIEW: Back to school. 

MAX: Back to school. Which we are. [Laughs] 

INTERVIEW: What did you think of the show? 

MAX: The show was emotional. Especially right when it began, it felt cinematic. I really, really loved it. 

INTERVIEW: It was kind of intense. 

MAX: I felt like I was watching a movie. 

INTERVIEW: What was your favorite look? 

MAX: My friend Lil Nas X’s. 

Lil Nas X. Photo courtesy of Coach. 

INTERVIEW: Oh, of course. 

MAX: Of course. 

INTERVIEW: Did you see any crushes in the front row? 

MAX: My friend Conan Gray. 

INTERVIEW: Cute. We love him. And what are you going to do after this? 

MAX: After this, I am getting ready to go to the Vogue show, and then the afterparty.

INTERVIEW: Can you tell us what’s the best time to show up to an afterparty? 

MAX: The best time is an hour-and-a-half after it starts. I don’t like showing up right on the dot. I like to have a few drinks in my hotel room first.