AriZona 20 Years: Miguel Enamorado

JACKIE HARRIGAN: When did you first know that you wanted to work in fashion?

MIGUEL ENAMORADO: My mother loved to sew as a hobby and I would often sit and be mesmerized by how she would effortlessly transform fabric into dresses, skirts, blouses—anything she wanted. It made me want to do the same and sparked my interest in clothes, which then became a love of fashion.

HARRIGAN: What is your favorite thing about being the Fashion Director of Interview?

ENAMORADO: When you come back from the season’s fashion shows after being inspired for four weeks—your head is so full of fashion ideas that you just can’t wait to start working on the new season.

HARRIGAN: Why did you choose this particular can as your favorite? Can you tell us about its color, images, texture, and techniques?

ENAMORADO: The background color reminds me of the original can, but re-interpreted in a childlike graphic way that feels very nostalgic. It’s fun, effervescent, and very memorable.

HARRIGAN: How did this can respond to your interpretation of the Arizona brand?

ENAMORADO: It thinks outsize the box and creates a distinct and unforgettable desirable packaging.

HARRIGAN: Did you evaluate the design submissions in the same way that you would evaluate fashion objects for your shoots?

ENAMORADO: Yes. I think when you edit clothing, you have to look at the element and details separately and then how they combine to create the whole.

HARRIGAN: Do you think that design is universal? Would you have picked the same can if it were to be sold solely in Paris or Tokyo?

ENAMORADO: I think anything that has an emotional connection, especially in a childlike way, is universal.

HARRIGAN: What’s your favorite AriZona drink?

ENAMORADO: I’ve been obsessed with Mandarin Orange; I love the way the mandarin infuses the tea with a citrus sweetness.

HARRIGAN: What’s your first memory of AriZona?

ENAMORADO: I don’t know if it’s the first, but my favorite is in Miami during high school—bringing a bottle of Mandarin Orange to the beach

HARRIGAN: Which AriZona can design is most attractive to you (besides your choice for the Cherry Lime Rickey)?

ENAMORADO: I’ve always loved the Asia Plum Green tea, with its exotic and regal purple gradient bottle, and the cherry blossom branch, it always transported me to another time of Samurai warriors, Geisha girls, and the color and pageantry of Asia. Basically, it always made me want to go and visit Asia.

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