All of the Highlights From the Celine SS24 Tomboy Collection

Early Friday morning, our inboxes were blessed with Tomboy, the highly anticipated, highly androgynous Celine SS24 collection, presented in digital format with a runway show at the iconic La Collection de la Bibliothèque Nationale in Paris. Below, our editors dissect the season’s highlights, including a sure to sell out headphone collab, and a bold gold dress that has us dreaming of prom night, and Cannes.


FRIDAY 10:30 AM OCT. 20 , 2023 NYC

SCARABELLI: This LCD Soundsystem song from the show is just like, penetrating my brain.

RAJAGOPAL: I can’t get it out of my head.

SCARABELLI: First of all, I need a library of Celine books.

RAJAGOPAL: Yeah. I’m wondering how much of the library was actually filled with Celine books and what’s inside of them.

SCARABELLI: It’s the Hedi textbook. Skinny jeans forever.

RAJAGOPAL: I rock skinny.

SCARABELLI: Actually, there’s some flares in this collection. I am dying over these Y2K sunglasses. The gold. Those are fast. 

RAJAGOPAL: I need some Celine headphones.

SCARABELLI:  Whaaattt. That’s so hot. I want to go to the School of Celine.

RAJAGOPAL: I mean, this is like Hogwarts. 

Celine SS24

SCARABELLI: This sequence jacket with the gym shorts. And those boots.

RAJAGOPAL: I’m obsessed with whatever’s hanging off of the boots. 

SCARABELLI: The puffy logo charm. It’s so cute. And then there’s this witchy naked girl look. I don’t know who’s wearing that to school, but she’s wild. 

RAJAGOPAL: I really enjoyed the sequin strapless one, the gray one.

SCARABELLI: The grungy girl. We’re getting into all of the archetypes at the school of Celine. 


SCARABELLI: It’s very Y2K. The sunglasses are giving me, “It’s Britney, bitch.” And there are no skinnies in this collection. Hedi said, “Oh, everyone’s doing skinnies now. I’m done.”


SCARABELLI: This leather tracksuit with the pink stripes reminds me of when Madonna was rocking Adidas back in the day, but with a little bit of Milanese sluttiness with the stiletto and the open toe. Okay. I love this dress. It’s so hot.

RAJAGOPAL: Which one’s the leather one?

SCARABELLI: This gold fringy tinsel moment.

RAJAGOPAL: Christmas in July.

SCARABELLI: That’s what I’m wearing when I finally celebrate my half birthday—my birthday is on Christmas, you know? Anyway, I don’t know what you dressed like in high school. I don’t know if I was any of these girls, but I really wish I was.

Celine SS24

RAJAGOPAL: I was look number 40.

SCARABELLI: That’s the full school girl moment. Were you at private school?

RAJAGOPAL: Oh no. I went to public school.

SCARABELLI: You were just LARPing as a private school diva. It is very Gossip Girl. I can’t believe they did a trucker hat. I want to see Sexyy Red in that. 

Celine SS24

RAJAGOPAL: Oh my god. Yeah.

SCARABELLI: 45 is giving me Grease. That’s the reference. What was her name? That 45 year old woman with the brown curly hair. You know what I’m talking about. Okay. Okay. Okay. Wow. And then we get the full gown moment. Eleganza in the library.

RAJAGOPAL: Prom night.

SCARABELLI: It’s prom night and she might be jetting off to Cannes right after. She’s ready. And then the last look is a suit, that’s where we get our skinny moment. They are ready for graduation.