Denim Canvas

Acne Studios has revitalized its denim. At the end of last week, after a year of meticulous decision-making and careful designing, the Swedish company released its newest line, Blå Konst. The collection, which will permanently replace all existing denim, is centered around three styles of jeans for both men and women: baggy, straight, and skinny.

Inspired by the Swedish countryside, Acne Studios’ Creative Director and Co-Founder Jonny Johansson sought to bring that same simplicity to Blå Konst. “I wanted to find a new clarity in denim,” Johansson explains. “We approached it with a fresh curiosity, like we did when we designed the first ever denim pieces at Acne Studios.”

Translated from Swedish, Blå Konst means “Blue Art,” and Johansson envisions the wearer as an artist, someone who fastidiously curates their clothing to create something distinct and individual. “I love to bring a basic and universal staple from underdog position to an artistic level,” he says. “Our denim will be a study, always evolving and moving forward.”