Susan Miller Reads Her Daughter’s Fashion Energy




In celebration of the new shop 143 Ludlow, Chrissie Miller and Lindsey Thornburg held a private dinner at Pulqueria. Just near Apotheke, the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it Mexican restaurant hosted a table for the event with the likes of Jessica Stam, Jen Brill, Charlotte Ronson, Opening Ceremony’s Olivia Kim, Cory Kennedy, Derek Blasberg, and Leo Fitzpatrick.

 “I felt like there was the missing connection,” Miller said of the reason for opening her new shop. She’s long retailed her line, Sophomore, at Opening Ceremony, among other places. “I went to a LA and had a pop-up store. It was so nice to see people trying on clothes and talking about them.”

Miller and Thornburg are certainly both designers who are often the subject of conversation. But the truth of the matter is this mostly exists within cult scenes in New York and on the Internet.  An IRL store actually seems like a really beneficial next step.

“How am I going to figure out how to give these attention-hungry bitches a proper home?” Thornburg explained as the first question she asked herself (and her cloaks) when she began the new venture.

“Everytime I had to go to something fancy, I’d borrow something of hers,” Miller said admirably of Thornburg’s style, when asked to recall the budding of their friendship. At the other end of the table, Thornburg spoke highly of Miller’s knack for good vibes. “Chrissie is so good at manifesting this lovely energy” she said, fondly referring to it as the  “hangout zone aesthetic.” While Miller used to live in an apartment that many people would flock to for comfy downtime, now she’s bringing that feel out and open and into the public.

Miller’s mom, the well-loved astrologist Susan Mille,r was also in attendance and collaborated with Kanon Organic Vodka on cocktails that were in fact, based on the natural elements. Guests sipped on AIR with cucumber purée, FIRE with spicy watermelon purée, WATER with elderflower, and EARTH with raspberry and blackberry purée.

There’s no way luck can’t be in the stars (or the L.E.S) for their new store.