ViewGirl Annie Sama Loves Jumping Rope And Making Warehouse-Ready Pop

Jacket, Vest. and Shirt by Gucci. Skirt and Tie by Bess NYC. Vintage Pins from Early Halloween.

Annie Sama, a Montreal-based Congolese-Canadian singer-songwriter is an uber-hyphenate who has become something of a darling in the fashion community. When she’s not jumping rope and making warehouse-ready pop in her studio, she enjoys dressing down for a night on the town. Here, four things to know about our March ViewGirl.


1. “Annie Sama is my real name.”

2. “I’ll always remember the first time I sat down and listened to Radiohead’s In Rainbows. The sounds — how they mix and move — really opened me up to the soundscape ideology. It even kind of scared me.”

3. “I jump rope daily. I love crossing and I love the triple rope, which is when you jump once and you pass the rope three times. I really love to skip on one foot, and then jump four times left, and then back, and then right, and then front. I also do a quasi-ballet jump where I cross my legs quickly front and back. Boxers do it, so why not me?”

4. “When I go out dancing, I try to dress as simply as I can — Nike sneakers, and pants that are a little bit loose.”


Makeup: Kali Kennedy using PAT MCGRATH LABS at FORWARD ARTISTS
Special Thanks: Chateau Marmont