Smell Like Teen Spirit! Taylor Swift Gets Into the Fragrance Game


Listen, we were as shocked as you to discover that Taylor Swift’s upcoming fragrance, “Wonderstruck,” to be released in October, is her first perfume line. Hasn’t someone already bottled the cotton candy lyrics of her songs to sell on Amazon? No? All right, then. Hit us with your best shot, Taylor.

Described as “fruity, floral fragrance boasting notes of raspberry, apple blossom, golden amber and sandalwood,” Swift follows in the footsteps of other singer-parfumiers with memorably ridiculous commercials, such as Mariah Carey’s M, Avril Lavigne’s Black Star, Britney Spears’ Curious, and most recently, Justin Bieber’s Someday. But is Swift’s “fragrance trailer” as masterfully shot and directed as, say, Bieber’s or Spears’ seminal ads?

Of course it is.

Because, you see, Swift isn’t just selling a fragrance. No, she’s bottled up the beginning of a journey in that little glass vial. Like she says, “Wonderstruck” is “a spark, a connection, a rush of something new.” And we, the heroes on the onset of our own, heretofore unfragranced love journey, get to watch a beautifully Christian Siriano-attired Swift wander doe-eyed through an empty mansion and nearly interlace fingers with a scruffy-faced man who either lives a very solitary life in that house or works in the fields around it. Of course they don’t go all the way and hold hands (ew), because this is just the start. The start of a romance. Because they’re wonderstruck by one another. Can’t you hear Swift’s “Enchanted” playing in the background? This is magic, people. And one day—one day next month!—it could be yours.

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