Reno Gold Is Putting His OnlyFans Stardom to Good Use

Briefs (worn over shoulders) by Calvin Klein underwear. Jeans by Marcelo Burlon County of Milan.

Depending on who asks, Reno Gold is either an adult content creator or a “private contractor for a broadcasting company.” A gymnast who went on to become a stripper, the 25-year-old Nevada nativeyes, he was born in Renois now one of the top performers on OnlyFans, the subscription-based service that’s become a boon for adult entertainers. He now lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where he owns five condominiums that he runs with the help of his property manager—who also happens to be his mom. 

INTERVIEW: Has OnlyFans changed your life, and if so, how?

RENO GOLD: It has completely changed my life. I’ve been able to give back to my community, which is the biggest thing for me. It makes me feel the best. I pledged to donate a week’s worth of my earnings from OnlyFans to the Elton John AIDS Foundation. And in that week I raised $27,000, and donated all of it to the foundation, which  was such a blessing. I’ve also been able to provide for my family and I employed my mom as my property manager. I own five condos all paid off in cash. I started a college fund for my niece and nephew. And then also it just gives me security, because when I was dancing, I wasn’t able to have normal relationships because I was just moving around so much to work. I would go to a different city every single week. So it’s given me some stability and also just a creative outlet. I put out a new video every single week in a different location with a different scenario and different outfit. So I’m doing so many different things. I’m directing. I’m doing wardrobe. I just get to be very creative and it challenges me every day. I love it so much.

INTERVIEW: How did you grow your subscriber base? Was there a specific moment when it blew up? 

GOLD: At first I didn’t put that much effort into it because I was making a killing as a stripper beforehand, so for about six months, it wasn’t really doing that well. But then I decided I wanted to get out of dancing, so I really focused on my page and started putting a lot more energy into it. And then once I started putting out content every single day, I did notice a huge spike. I was making quite a bit at that point. Then I started cross-promoting and that’s when it blew up because I started my YouTube channel and I would do stretching videos in slutty outfits. My YouTube videos were getting millions of views and going viral on Twitter, so my YouTube is what blew up my OnlyFans.

INTERVIEW: How do you stay in such good shape? 

GOLD: I used to be a gymnast, and ever since then, working out has been a daily thing for me. I don’t even really think about it. I’ve just always worked out. When people subscribe to my OnlyFans, I give fitness advice. I’m about to do a full video of me doing my workout routines for an entire week, all of them naked. So just stuff like that.

INTERVIEW: Do you follow a strict diet? 

GOLD: I don’t cheat often. I’m pretty good about it. I try not to eat a lot of carbs or a lot of sugar, just intuitive eating.

INTERVIEW: Before you got into this line of work, was there anything else that you saw yourself doing when you’re older? 

GOLD: No. Back then, I wouldn’t have admitted it, but ever since I knew what porn was, I knew I wanted to do it. So I kind of had this plan ever since I found out what porn was, which was probably around 14, 15.

INTERVIEW: What’s your end goal? 

GOLD: I wish I could be making these videos forever, but I would be naive to think that. I’ll be jerking off at 80 recording it and everyone will want me to stop. They probably won’t be paying by that time, so I need to have some properties under my belt.

INTERVIEW: In terms of interacting with your fans, is everyone pretty positive online, or do you have to deal with negativity online? 

GOLD: It depends on what platform. On OnlyFans, very rarely do I get any complaints or any haters. Mostly, when people subscribe, they’re like, “Holy shit. I didn’t think you’d be responding to every message I send you with a voice response. And I didn’t realize you were posting all this content.” And they’re normally very pleasantly surprised and excited, which is really cool. But on YouTube and Instagram, you definitely get haters here and there, but it doesn’t bother me at all. I just block them if it’s something crazy. How I deal with that is, every time someone comments, whether it’s good or bad, that still boosts my engagement and it helps me get seen by more people. So, I’ll take a comment, whether it’s positive or negative. That’s helping me.

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