Remembering Ingrid Sischy

“The true leaders, of course, are those who provide the images and words that speak to us.”— INGRID SISCHY, LETTER FROM THE EDITOR, JUNE 1995

During her tenure as editor in chief of Interview, from 1990 to 2008, Ingrid Sischy was the true leader she described in her Letter From the Editor in the June 1995 issue, helping to shape the way we saw and understood American pop culture and how we will continue to do so forevermore. Throughout her life, Sischy dedicated herself to supporting talented artists across every field—from Herb Ritts, who shot many of Interview‘s most iconic covers, to Alexander McQueen, who counted Sischy as an early supporter, to Kanye West, who Interview profiled in 2004, and actors like Chloë Sevigny, Nicole Kidman, Ryan Gosling, Christina Ricci, Naomi Watts, and Charlize Theron, all of whom were featured in the magazine numerous times throughout the ’90s and 2000s—and many of whom became close friends of hers. Sischy passed away this past July, but her immeasurable legacy as a beloved editor will live on.