Pinkydoll Loves Red Lobster But Dreams of Nobu


Pinkydoll wears Sweater Miu Miu. Necklace and Rings (worn throughout) Pinkydoll’s Own. Underwear Commando. Belt and Tights Stylist’s Own. Shoes Maya’s Hollywood.

The Montreal-based mommy, TikToker, and OnlyFans celeb shows us why her video game–inspired livestreams have everyone screaming, “Yes, yes, yes!”


Do you like answering questions?

Yes, I do like answering questions.

What are you wearing right now?

A red hat, black glasses, red top, black Fashion Nova pants, and Nike limited edition shoes.

How often do you change your sheets?

One time per week.


Bodysuit Los Angeles Apparel. Tights Stylist’s Own. Boots Aniye Records.

What do you collect?

Money from around the world.

What’s your bad habit?

Being a workaholic. I gotta remind myself sometimes it’s okay to take a break. I’m still working on finding balance.

Where do you want a reservation at?

I would love to have a reservation at Nobu restaurant and get to sit and chat with Cardi B.


Sweater Alexandre Vauthier. Sunglasses Alexander McQueen.

What do you do when you can’t sleep?

I masturbate. That shit be putting me straight to bed.

How is your relationship with your family?

I’m all about my family. We are like a team, we get along pretty well. It’s a vibe!!!

What do you like to eat?

I LOVE seafood, especially Red Lobster.

When was the last time you picked someone up?

Just now.

Sweater Loewe. Shoes Giuseppe Zanotti.

How much money do you spend on delivery?

I don’t spend money on delivery, I’m greedy. Why order when you can cook? I only order when I’m out of town traveling lol.

How often do you floss?

I floss every morning boo!

What’s your favorite body part?

My boobs—I love my boobies!!!!


Jacket Acne Studios. Top Los Angeles Apparel. Bra Victoria’s Secret.

Where do you go to hide?

I go in my car and lock the door.

Who do you tell your secrets to?

I tell my secrets to my family and my team.

What’s the first letter of the name of the person who hurt you the most?

The letter J, he hurt me the most— fuck him though.

When will it all be over?

Pinkydoll era would be over when it starts raining chickens.


Dress Acne Studios. Shoes Maya’s Hollywood.

Who cares about you?

My family and my team care about me. They really got my back! No new friends lol.

What do you tell yourself when no one else can hear?

When no one can hear me, I say to myself in front of the mirror, “I am that bitch, I am blessed, nobody can stop you, keep pushing harder.” I say that almost every morning before I start my day.

What did you think of this questionnaire?

I think it was actually really fun to answer. A really unique questionnaire.

Sweater Loewe. Shoes Giuseppe Zanotti.


Hair: Shin Arima using Davines at Home Agency.

Makeup: Ayaka Nihei using Charlotte Tilbury at Walter Schupfer Management.

Nails: Marietta Mack using Essie at Opus Beauty.

Photography Assistant: Ian Stoner.

Fashion Assistant: Fern Cerezo.

Production Coordination: Andy Martinez.

Production Assistants: Azra Schorr and Darya Ameri.