Now Entering Rafaello & Co., the Crown Jewel of the Diamond District

Pendants by Rafaello & Co.

With clients ranging from Jay-Z to the Saudi royal family, Rafaello & Co. is behind some of the best bling around. We went to 47th Street to appraise it for ourselves.


Yves wears Suit by Givenchy. Vintage top from Cherry. Necklaces and Ring by Rafaello & Co. Vintage Belt from David Casavant Archive.


“My family’s been on this street since the early ’90s, and we’ve built a brand,” says Gabriel Jacobs, one of the shop’s founding jewelers. “Most of the block caters to women’s jewelry. But we don’t do that. We cater to every person and genre.”


Jewelry by Rafaello & Co.


Yves wears Shirt by Comme des Garçons Hommes Plus. Pants by Raf Simons. Jewelry by Rafaello & Co. Vintage Belt from Palace Costume & Prop. Vintage Boots from Cherry.


“Swizz Beatz is one of my most sophisticated clients,” Jacobs says. “He once sent me Andy Warhol’s portrait of Muhammad Ali and said, ‘I want this on a chain.’ Anybody else would probably put diamonds on it and stuff, but no, I had a hand painter do it in enamel on a gold plate. It was fucking amazing.”


Yves wears Turlteneck by Balenciaga. Bracelets and Ring by Rafaello & Co. Gloves by Wing & Weft.

“The most expensive pieces I’ve ever made were for the royal family of Saudi Arabia,” Jacobs says. “They invited me over there, and I stayed there for like a month. I took care of maybe 15 or 20 princes and princesses.”

Pendants by Rafaello & Co.

Yves wears Bodysuit, Bra, and Underwear by Dior. Necklaces by Rafaello & Co. Vintage Boots from Cherry.


Model: Yves B. Golden
Makeup: Grace Ahn using Dior Backstage Foundation at Julian Watson Agency
Prop Stylist: Alis Atwell 
Casting: Michele Mansoor
Photography Assistant: Will Matsuda
Fashion Assistant: Brittany Lovoi
Manicure: Holly Falcone using Swarovski at Art Department 
Post-Production: Art Works Post Production 
Special Thanks: Gabriel Jacobs, Rafaello & Co.